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Thank You For Visiting Our Site
Thank you for visiting our web site. Your visit indicates that you may be looking for a church home. Should that be the case, we hope that you will visit us for one of our 9AM worship services. We can guarantee that you will leave feeling better than when you came -- you will also leave knowing that you came to a church where you felt and were welcome. We hope to see you soon.
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The St. Matthews family celebrates the joy of God's love as we serve our community and each other with sincerity and warmth. We are committed to welcoming everyone with open arms as we continue to grow.

We believe Christian Stewardship is sharing God's gifts. We also believe that as we share God's gifts God will increase those gifts. We commit to sharing God's gifts by giving them away. We invite you to experience for yourself the Bounty of giving.

St. Matthews is a welcoming congregation where anyone who attends will feel important, wanted and welcome. You will receive a smile and a handshake and a feeling that will almost certainly lead to a desire to return for another service. Don't worry if you don't know the mechanics of Episcopal worship -- someone will be there to guide you through the bulletin and the liturgy.

St. Matthews is a member of Episcopal Church (United States) and the the larger Anglican Communion, the gathering of Anglican and Episcopal churches from around the world. The Anglican Communion, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, comprises more than 80 million members in 44 regional and national member churches in more than 160 countries. The Episcopal Church, though a member of the larger communion remains autonomous of the Church of England. This affiliation unites the Episcopal Church with Anglican congregations throughout the world. The Episcopal Church includes 109 dioceses in 16 nations, each diocese led by a bishop.

The word Episcopal is derived from the Greek episkopos, meaning bishop, indicating that we are governed by bishops; but lay people, bishops, priests and deacons all work together in the life of the church as it continues the mission of God.

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